gt;gt; Hey guys! It’s Karina. gt;gt; It’s Ronald, and we’re from SIS vs BRO! And today, we are doing the Blindfolded Slime CHALLENGE! So basically, we’re gonna be making slime, but blindfolded. Oh, we got all these glue, activators, and shaving creams. Of course, glitter. And we’re going to be putting them into our bowls, … Read more

Vibrant How To Make Semi Flat 3D Icons UI Design Illustrator Advanced Training [39 53]

Hi YouTube, this is a free extract from my larger Illustrator Advanced Course. You can check that out on bringyourownlaptop. com Also, there’s a link in the description for the exercise files. Those are free to download, so go and download those. All right, enjoy the video. Hey there, in this video we are going … Read more

Fusion 360 Tutorial For Absolute Beginners (2020) That Are Resource

– [Kevin] Hey there, I’m Kevin Kennedy, a product designer that helps hobbyists learn Fusion 360. This free mini-course is for absolute beginners, with no previous experience required. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have created your very own customizable and 3D-printable stamps, with an interchangeable stamp plate. Learning Fusion 360 is a critical … Read more

Make A Scrub Cap Or Skull Cap With Rob Appell Of Man Sewing (Instructional Video) That Are Sassy

Jerry and I are feeling pretty tough, getting ready to hit the road. And as tough as this project may look I’ve got some super simple steps to make your very own scrub cap with no raw edges. Let’s get started. The scrub cap or the skully cap is way better than your standard bandana. … Read more