gt;gt; Hey guys! It’s Karina. gt;gt; It’s Ronald, and we’re from SIS vs BRO! And today, we are doing the Blindfolded Slime CHALLENGE! So basically, we’re gonna be making slime, but blindfolded. Oh, we got all these glue, activators, and shaving creams. Of course, glitter.

And we’re going to be putting them into our bowls, we will have no idea what we’re making until we open up the blindfolds. We’re gonna see if we even made a slime. Oh my goodness, I’m scared. We are all right, so I guess we’re gonna start, and by the way guys, you guys can comment down below at the end of the video who won this challenge.

Or if you do it at the start and you say I won, because why not? No, I won. Okay, fine. All right, so let’s put our blindfolds on. I’m scared.

I’m ready for this! All right. All right, let’s start. All righty. I’m gonna start with shaving cream.

I’ll take this one. gt;gt; All right. gt;gt; Where’s the– the lid. [inaudible] here.

Oh, oh, oh gosh, okay. Got glue on me already. Okay. Okay.

Oh yeah, I think I got all that. I have no clue what’s going on. I’m gonna take this one. Oh my goodness.

All right, I got this. I think this is glue. gt;gt; Please be glue. All right.

Okay, there we go. I got this one now. Okay. Please be good.

All right. I’m going for a blue slime. All right. I’m going for whatever slime.

I’m just hoping for a blue slime. All right, Ronald, how do you think you’re doing? gt;gt; [inaudible] go. How do you think you’re doing, Ronald? I have no clue. I cannot see.

Me neither. All right. I added like 4 glues, I think? Yeah, 4. Oops, I [inaudible].

I got it in there. They get it in there? I don’t know. Okay. You know what? Whatever! We’ll see at the end.

gt;gt; Okay. gt;gt; Hopefully. Okay, I think I’m gonna add some glitter now. I don’t know.

if this is all the glue or not. Okay, there we go. These are [inaudible] full balls. This thing to [inaudible] I know which ones I want, but I don’t even know if I want them.

This is way to powdery. Those are the glitters. gt;gt; What’s that? gt;gt; These are fish balls. You can’t really go wrong with fish balls.

I’m gonna add these ones in. Please, I feel like I’m making brown here. [inaudible], I can’t even open this one. You know what? No fish balls.

I can’t open it. All right. Are you hiding all the good glitters? Am I? Can you see? I don’t know. Can you see? Are you? Because it seems I don’t have any of them.

All right. This one seems pretty good. I– Can I open it? I’m gonna open it. These are.

Okay, I got it. gt;gt; I got it. gt;gt; These are foam balls. And [inaudible] in.

Pretty sure these are. All right, I’m gonna add some more glitter [inaudible]. All righty, adding this in. This is [inaudible] balls.

I don’t really want this one. You know what? Nah, I’ll take it. I don’t know. Did I say one? [inaudible] one.

I don’t know. Maybe? I do. Okay. Let’s add it in.

Okay, more glitter maybe? I don’t know. Maybe glue? Oh, oh my gosh, my [inaudible]. I’m guessing this one and that one. Okay.

All right. All right, I think I’m done. So I know the activator and shaving cream is here. So do I want to take shaving cream? Or activator? I don’t want shaving cream on mine.

All right, gonna take some activator. gt;gt; Oh my hand. gt;gt; Wait. I think I could just pour it in.

My, my shoulder hurts. I got a bit in there. This is the spoon, I’m gonna start mixing. Are you– Ronald, are you mixing yet? No.

All right, I’m gonna mix this stuff. Really? All right. Gonna mix in 3, 2, 1! All right. I’m pretty sure this is activator.

All right. These seems pretty– Oh! My [inaudible] all again. Ah, where’s my spoon? All right. Where’s my spoon? gt;gt; Okay.

gt;gt; Pretty sure. Okay, I’m gonna mix in 3, 2, 1! [inaudible] the edge. Okay, that’s the edge. I gotta keep my blindfold on, because it keeps on sliding off.

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Mix. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. This feels very stiff.

Your slime? Yeah, because my spoon is very heavy. Kind of. Oh well. Mine is really gooey so.

I think it’s gooey. That’s shaving cream, I’m pretty sure. That’s activator. Is this– Is this gooey guys? I have no idea because I’m obviously not looking.

So. gt;gt; Is this gooey? gt;gt; The activator has been added. I’m crossing fingers that this is blue, or red, or yellow. I cross my fingers that this is nice.

That’s literally what I’m crossing my fingers for. This is getting stiffer. I can need more. [inaudible] activator? No, is it not shaving cream? Wait, that’s activator, yeah.

Okay. Good. There we go. All right.

Okay, that’s enough. I don’t even know if I spilled it on the table or inside my bowl. Me neither. I don’t even know if I have anything in my bowl.

Okay, I know I have something in my bowl. I don’t know if I have a lot of it. If you put too much activator, does it go really stiff or really gooey? Uh, stiff. I think.

Yeah, definitely stiff. Because if you mix it a lot, and you have a lot of activator in it, that’s just gonna get stiff. I think I should go with my hands. [inaudible], I need more.

3, 2, 1. Oh wow, this feels so good! Really? gt;gt; Yeah. gt;gt; Oh, I splashed on me. Okay.

You know what? Cool. We’re gonna keep on [inaudible]. My blidfold is sliding off. It looks satisfying when I stretch it.

All right. I’m gonna mix this. Mixy, mixy, mixy. Mixing.

I feel like I made a really good slime here. I don’t know about mine, I think it’s really bad. [inaudible] kinda mix this. My shoulders are getting stronger.

I think this is almost enough. Okay, let me get some activator. All right. Gotta keep on mixing all my ingredients together.

Oh, my shoulders. This is really gooey. I don’t know if this activator is even good. This stuff is like kinda getting it together but not that well.

Add some more. Come on, get the slime off my hands. Can I feel yours, Ronald? Yeah. Ronald feel mine.

It’s still– I don’t know if you’ll be able to feel it because it’s still on my bowl. It’s so gooey! You know what? I think I’m gonna mix this with my hands, I’m just gonna have a little bit more of activator. I need activator. Here.

Where’s the activator? No that– I think I added some on your slime, or just on your hand, or I don’t know. Wait, what? This is– I feel watery. I was right when a cap fell into my bowl. Get out.

Okay. All right. We’re gonna mix this. It’s really gooey.

Like super gooey, I don’t know if it’s even gonna be slime. All right, I’m just gonna keep on mixing. It’ll be slime. It will be slime.

Mine is perfect. I gonna keep on mixing. Oh gosh! The thing almost fell on top of me. I’m doing good.

It’s really gooey still, but I’m doing good. Oh gosh, this is really bad. I need more. But how much did you add? Did you add a lot or tiny bit? I don’t even know.

Oh well. Because I’m adding so much, and it’s not turning into slime. Oh, my shoulders hurt. Were you mixing for so long or something? I don’t even know.

How do you not know, Ronald? I don’t know how I don’t know. Did shaving cream make it actually stiff or something? Oh, yes please, I would love some shaving cream to make it stiffer. [inaudible] try find it. Give me shaving cream.

I don’t even know where shaving cream is. That’s not shaving cream, That’s not shaving cream either. So sticky. That’s not shaving cream.

gt;gt; Do you have– gt;gt; Stop it! Do you have shaving cream, Ronald? No, I don’t. Where is the shaving cream? Got some slime on my hands. Ronald, you have the shaving cream on your side. No, I’m gonna try and look for some.

Oh, yeah I do. Oh, give me. Give me. Okay.

Where’s the button? Okay. Is this working? How do I– How do I work this? Oh gosh. Oh! I got it. I gotta take of the lid.

Out. Out. What on Earth is that sound? It’s the shaving cream. Did I get any in my bowl? I don’t even know.

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Oh gosh, I need more. Okay, I think I got some. Yeah, I did, okay. [inaudible] slime everywhere, I think.

Okay. It’s really like foamy, I think. It feels foamy. I feel foam balls in my hand.

I don’t like it. This is definitely getting stiffer. Good idea to add the shaving cream. It’s now stiffer.

Mine feels like it’s very. Oh gosh. I got lots of slime in my hands today, I don’t want to touch anything. Do you have shaving cream? I think I do.

Yeah, that’s shaving cream. Wait, what? Do you have activator? This is full of glue, ew! Because I was touching it, oh gosh! I think I touched my spoon. Oh gosh, is [inaudible] glue? Slime here. Oh, get off.

I don’t want this. There’s like different sections of the slime. I think I had lots of slime, but now, I barely have anything. My slime won’t– Wait.

Oh, there we go. Connected. [inaudible] connected all. It’s glue everywhere.

Oh gosh, I got my spoon in here. Connect. Oh, I got my spoon in my slime. Get off! I don’t even know if I want activator or not.

You have activator? Ronald, please, I really need activator. Don’t make it glue [inaudible] though. Ah! It’s pouring! It’s on my pants. Why can’t– I can’t hold it Ronald.

I think it all ran out, I don’t even know. Okay, nevermind. I think I’m not gonna get activator. My pants are wet.

[inaudible] get from your pants. Where’s your pants, Ronald? I’m scooching away! Okay, my slime is getting stiffer. Oh, my pants are wet. I don’t like it.

My slime feels so weird. Okay, I think I’m done. I think I’m done too. I just needed um.

Get rid of [inaudible], and I’m trying to get all the slime off my hands. I’m gonna try put it together. Because it’s really. Shaving cream somewhere? Okay, I got all the slime off my hand.

Ronald, are you ready? Wait, no. I just add on some shaving cream. Okay, I’m ready. Okay.

I’m ready too. 3, 2, 1. What? Whoa! Oh, I got– I got glue on my hair. It’s right.

There is activator in my pants. It’s smells . Look at my slime! Why it’s really pretty though? It’s like a pur– Like a really light purple. Like the slime is not attached.

My slime is not attached. I like my slime. I don’t like mine. Mine is not attached.

Karina, look. So guys, this is my slime up close. This is really light, baby purple-ish color. It’s really soft and pretty.

And I got a bunch of these rainbow foam balls all over it to make it look like a [inaudible]. So, that’s basically my slime. It’s really stretchy. And it’s like really fluffy, which I really love.

So, this is my slime, and if you think that I won, comment down below #PurpleFluffySlime. I’m standing up because I don’t wanna be involved in this mess. But here’s my slime. It’s decent.

I was going for blue, There’s like no other color in here but blue, which is amazing. I love that. But this is what we ended. I mean, it’s kind of attached, but not really.

Oh wait, it’s actually better than I thought. Just smush it, and there we go. Decent. Can I feel it? With my purple hands? It’s really hard.

You added way too much activator. And shaving cream. And shaving cream. It’s just like not attached.

Mine is nice and soft. But still vote for me, because why not. So if you think I won, or you know I won, comment down below #TooMuchActivatorandTooMuchShavingCream So guys, this was really fun to do, and you have [inaudible] you should definitely do this. But you should be prepared for the mess, because there’s a lot of mess involved.

Or you could just cheat. So guys, we hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye! And guys, one more thing.

Let’s see how Ronald’s slime glows. Oh, look at all the bottle. What? The glue is actually glow in the dark. Oh wow.

This– My slime is not glowing though. I’m playing. I’m throwing it up, round, up, and round. So that’s why I should win, #GlowInTheDarkSlime.