gt;gt; Hey guys, it’s Karina! gt;gt; It’s Ronald and we’re from! gt;gt; Sis versus Bro! gt;gt; And today, we’re doing the POOL IS LAVA Part 2! So I guess I won with seven points to two points. So guys, you know the drill. We’re gonna get all of these floaties into the pool. And we’re gonna try to get to the other side of the pool, without touching the water.

gt;gt; Ooh! gt;gt; And this time, we have a special guest. Can you guess? Our dad! gt;gt; Woah! Guys. gt;gt; And, the winners are gonna get to throw water balloons at the loser. gt;gt; Looking at you.

gt;gt; No. No, I’m not the loser. gt;gt; But, the first step is to put the floaties in the pool. gt;gt; So, let’s do that.

First, pineapple ring. gt;gt; And then the lollipop comes in savage! gt;gt; I got the donut! Yeah! gt;gt; It didn’t even go in. gt;gt; There’s another donut. gt;gt; My docking skills are on point.

gt;gt; The big pizza! gt;gt; Someone told me Ronald loves kiwi. gt;gt; I did. gt;gt; Another pizza, right here. gt;gt; I got a sliced orange for you, Ronald.

gt;gt; Ronald, all these donuts? Another one, for you. gt;gt; Hey, twins! Okay, we should spread them out actually. gt;gt; Who wants the milkshake? gt;gt; Me! Oh, I wanted it. gt;gt; Under the sea.

Spongebob Squarepants. gt;gt; Look at this guys! gt;gt; Oh! Oh. Demonetized! gt;gt; And the biggest raft of all! gt;gt; Oh Karina comes in with the pink, and the yellow! gt;gt; Okay, there’s a doughnut on top of a pizza. I don’t think doughnuts go on Pizza.

gt;gt; So guys, let’s start. Round 1, let’s go. Three, two, one! gt;gt; I think, I got it. gt;gt; Oh, no! Oh my gosh! gt;gt; Yes! Almost there! gt;gt; Round 2.

So, we’re gonna start over here because the wind blew all the floaties over here. So let’s begin! Three, two, one! gt;gt; No! No! I’m stranded! gt;gt; No! gt;gt; Yes! gt;gt; No! gt;gt; Karina fried! She’s a fried one. gt;gt; Am I making progress? No! No! I’m so bad at switching floaties! So bad, so sad. You’re not making much progress.

I’m not good at switching between floaties. So far dad is the only one in the game. Let’s see if he can make it. gt;gt; Okay please fall.

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[cheering to fall] gt;gt; I got this. Yes! Yeah! So that means I got two points now. gt;gt; Let’s get started. gt;gt; Now it’s time to the third round.

So guys, round three is ready. We got some floaties set up over here, because the wind is crazy today. Alright. Three, two, one, go! gt;gt; Yes! Yes! Yes! Okay.

Okay bigger. Bigger! No! No! gt;gt; I could use a little push. gt;gt; Come on! gt;gt; I could use a little push. gt;gt; Me too.

Where’s the wind when I need it? gt;gt; No! No! That’s not fair. Give me that pineapple, give me it! gt;gt; There you go, catch it! Yeah! gt;gt; Yes! gt;gt; Dad, you’re gonna fall! You’re gonna fall. gt;gt; Oh, Karina’s done. gt;gt; Yeah, it’s finally my jam.

I’m the winner winner chicken dinner. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! gt;gt; How am I supposed to come? gt;gt; You’re all they way up — gt;gt; Help! gt;gt; So guys round four. We’re gonna start this way because of the wind. gt;gt; All right.

Three, two, one. gt;gt; Yes, yes, yes! gt;gt; Help! gt;gt; I want to win! I’m still hanging on. I can still do this. gt;gt; Yes, how do you feel!? Woah, the lava’s hot.

gt;gt; I’m stuck! No, no! Whoo! gt;gt; Help me. I want a win. gt;gt; Okay, we each got two points. Good job.

gt;gt; And so far, dad has two points. And I got two points. And It looks like that Ronald’s gonna be left splashed by balloons. gt;gt; No, let’s do six rounds or seven or ten.

gt;gt; Okay, okay. Fine. gt;gt; This is the last round guys. This is the last one.

gt;gt; The last one? gt;gt; Yup. gt;gt; Okay, fine. Let’s do this three, two, one! gt;gt; Okay, I’m left with nothing. gt;gt; No! gt;gt; I’m going back to the starting line.

I need a floatie. gt;gt; No, no! No! Karina, please! You’re just taking more points. No, dad! Karina, give me one! That counts, Karina! That counts! Yes yes yes yes yes yes! Yes! gt;gt; Ronald, you can still get a point. gt;gt;Yeah, I know.

I’m excited. gt;gt; Never give up! gt;gt; I cannot get around. gt;gt; You can do it! gt;gt; Okay. If we use donut, then life would be good.

gt;gt; I’m sad! I could’ve won, but Ronald still loses he’s gonna get water balloons thrown at him. gt;gt; No. We’re gonna do ten rounds. Yes, yes.

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gt;gt; A few moments later. gt;gt; Then I’m gonna do this. This is how I went backwards. Oh no! Give me that pizza! gt;gt; It’s this way.

Go! Go! You can do it! gt;gt; Give me that pizza! gt;gt; That way! gt;gt; Give me that pizza! gt;gt; Okay here. gt;gt; Here. gt;gt; I don’t like donuts. Okay.

gt;gt; I’ll come to the rescue. gt;gt; Yes! gt;gt; Jump on it! gt;gt; I’m the popsicle lifeguard. Don’t fall on your face. gt;gt; Oh yes I’m making progress yes.

This is going to take 30 minutes. gt;gt; Six hours later. gt;gt; Yes! I never thought poo would save me one day. gt;gt; Go for it.

Yeah! gt;gt; Ronald didn’t get a point! gt;gt; Ronald got fried! gt;gt; Nobody got a point. gt;gt; Well I was the last one to die! gt;gt; I need rescuing! I might die! gt;gt; The pool is still lava by the way. gt;gt; So guys now this is [inaudible] me and dad against Ronald on a water balloon fight. gt;gt; I’m gonna wreck you so hard.

gt;gt; No, I’m gonna wreck you so hard. gt;gt; Yeah, let’s get the balloons, guys. Let’s do it. gt;gt; Pink for the win.

gt;gt; We got pink and we got yellow. gt;gt; Pink and yellow are dream team. gt;gt; You guys get the pink. I get the yellow.

gt;gt; Yeah, they’re going to be really nice and big. Check it out! Here we go! Yeah. gt;gt; Oh yeah! I’m the winner. Yes, I am the one.

Oh yes I am the one. Yes, I am the one. gt;gt; You’re the one getting balloons. [friendly banter] Ronald, here we go! Get the biggest ones.

Get the biggest ones. Come back! Okay let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Come back! Come back! I’ve got all the balloons here! Woo hoo! Let’s go! gt;gt; I need to catch one. Yes! No! gt;gt; One point for Karina! gt;gt; Yes yes yes! gt;gt; Okay, we’re running low. I caught it! gt;gt; Take us out.

gt;gt; No! gt;gt; That was so much fun. Ronald is soaking wet. We hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button.

And we’ll see you all next time.