The Best DIY Papercraft Unicorn Room Decor ~ OXYGAMI Pattern Tutorial @karenkavett

Hi everyone, I’m Karen Kavett and today we are going to be making this papercraft unicorn. Seriously, how freaking cool does that look, and it’s made out of nothing except paper and glue. This unicorn was actually designed by a guy named Stephane who runs the Etsy shop Oxygami. Full disclosure, he did send me … Read more

DIY Triathlon Race Belt For £2 How To Make Your Own Aero Number Belt That Are Smart

– Right, today I’m joined by Mark Livesey for a little Tri DIY. Thanks for joining us, Mark. – It’s a pleasure, Mark. Great. So Mark is a top-level age grouper, he’s a coach. He’s also partner to pro triathelete Caroline Livesey, and founder of Train Xhale. Now, today, we’ve got you here to talk … Read more