Top How To Setup The Escape Room Z Party Kit DIY Escape Room

Here’s every last detail for how you can setup the Escape Room Z game kit in any space. And as the host you’ll print the kit and set it up so that you and your crew are ready to defeat the zombies and win the day. Don’t worry there are no spoilers so, you’ll get to savor every last brain-hungry moment with your friends. Step 1 DOWN AND UNZIP Download and unzip the game file.

Inside you’ll find the game itself along with editable posters, invites, and the designers kit for customizing. If you’d like to modify the game further, just follow the video guide below. Step 2 PRINT THE KIT Inside the game folder you’ll find the complete escape the room and you can print this on either 4×6 photos or a normal office paper. Go with photos and where the most stylish result.

If you’re playing with a larger group just print the game out for every four to six players. The great thing about buying the digital game is you can print it out as many times as you like. Step 3 CHOOSE A LOCATION The game can be played anywhere but for a truly immersive experience play in an apartment building living room as this is where the story line takes place. However, if you’re short on space like on a team building day just play it like the board game on a single table.

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Step 4 PLACE THE CLUE CARDS Place these five clue cards anywhere in the room They’re great for hiding if that’s something you group enjoys. Next, stick these four cards to the walls around your escape room. Stick these three zombie cards to an external door they simulate a hoard of zombies waiting for players on the balcony. Lock your oven or box we’re going to rely on suspension of disbelief and attach a sign saying quot;It’s Lockedquot;.

Cut the to hook signs and hang them on the oven door. Stick the child lock dials next to them. Make sure there are scissors nearby for players to cut out the dials. The oven is now locked.

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It can’t be opened until players solve the puzzle. Place the pizza card inside your oven or better yet place a REAL pizza in the oven. Get a weapon. Take this card to a Nerf gun players will be informed when they have earned access to the gun.

A simple zombie targets and make a firing range. This final challenge occurs after players have rescued the pizza, retrieved the gun and unlock the door. Build all the zombie targets and line them up like a firing range. You can place them anywhere you like.

Once the game set up it’s time to relax. Actually, It’s time to think for your lives and escape an invading hoard of pizza-eating-zombies. Once your friends arrive order the pizza, crack open some drinks, bring up some custom Spotify playlists and you’re ready to escape for your lives. Don’t worry the online Survival Guide contain hints and solutions to get you out alive.